Trinity Historical Society

Submitted by Daphne Clark
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During the Summer of 2013, the Trinity Historical Society hosted a 7 week summer program for children ages 6 – 15 entitled ‘Take a Hike’. The children decorated their own knapsacks to carry along on hike days with a first aid kit and healthy snacks along with their own re-useable water bottles. Before we began our hikes we invited special guests in – Sarah Morgan came along for the first week and she gave a great presentation to the children regarding composting and recycling. We set up our own compost bin and made a square foot vegetable/fruit garden where the children planted squash, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, watermelon, raspberries and strawberries. Each week, after tending to the garden and compost bin, we hiked various trails around the Trinity Bight area, a first time for many children. The trails included: Gun Hill, Fort Point, Kerley’s Harbour and Skerwink. Along the way we photographed our findings and sights to use in a scrapbook that each child got to design and make themselves which they took home at the end of the summer program. A collection of items such as flowers, rocks, shells, etc. were also collected to use in various art projects that we did over the course of the program as well. Before each hike the children also got to prepare and take along a healthy snack.

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