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Tracey Sharpe-Smith

My name is Tracey Sharpe-Smith, and I work at Eastern Health in the Population and Public Health Division as a Healthy Communities Consultant.

I grew up in the rural town of Upper Island Cove, but I now live in Coley’s Point with my husband and my rescue cat, Ella. I have a twin sister who lives close by, and we are best friends! I convocated from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2005 with a Bachelor of Social Work and from there I moved to Gander where I spent the next five years until moving back to the Avalon in 2010. I have worked in the area of Mental Health and Addictions in various roles for about 13 years and was an Addictions Prevention Consultant for the last 8 years before recently taking this new opportunity to work as a Healthy Communities Consultant.

Outside of work, I enjoy being out in my garden taking care of my flowers and my little veggie beds. I also enjoy kayaking, fishing, hiking and boating. My husband and I love to travel and experience different parts of the world so we can immerse ourselves in the culture, the food, the history and the people. Traveling for me is a way to learn about the things that connect us and what I have realized over the years is that while we have things that make us unique, we are more alike than we are different.

Since this is a new role for me, I am still finding my way as to what it means to be a Healthy Communities Consultant, but what I can say is that I truly believe that communities have the wisdom, the expertise and the power in making their communities the healthiest and the best it can be! I see my role as a person to help communities uncover the strengths and resources they may not realize they have. My role is also to aid communities in getting connected to others and to forge partnerships so we can work towards common goals.

I have always followed the mantra that ‘many hands make light work’, and I have had the fortune to see this come to life in my own community with the fundraising efforts of our local Baccileau Trail SPCA. I have volunteered with their annual cupcake sale by making dozens of cupcakes! It may not seem like my cupcakes will make a dent into helping raise funds for a new shelter but together this fundraising effort along with so many other events over the past several years have lead to the construction of a brand new SPCA building in Conception Bay North! It truly is an example of communities coming together for a shared goal and making it happen!

I recently had the pleasure to attend my first ERWC Networking Day, and I experienced firsthand what it means to be a part of this fabulous network! Every member of the ERWC contributes to the success of the network by utilizing their skills, strengths and abilities. Some people helped with registration, some helped set up the room, some lead the groups in activities, some presented on the amazing work that is happening in their communities and everyone was welcoming to me as a new member. It felt like a family reunion! That day I could see how being connected to the ERWC is in fact like being connected to a great big extended family that is supportive, caring and there to help in any way they can. What a great thing to be a part of. I am looking forward to joining my new family!


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