Clayton Welsh

My name is Clayton Welsh and I am a retiree, having retired as a Recreation & Sport Consultant with the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation. I was a member of the Coalition when I worked with the Department and once retired, I was asked to join as a volunteer since I was a member of my Town Council and the Town’s Recreation Commission; I like to think I am representing all the volunteers in the various organizations that are members of our Coalition. Clayton Welsh

I was born and presently reside in Grand Bank and I am married to Marjorie (Thornhill), formerly of Fortune and I can use the phrase, we were “childhood sweethearts”. We have two wonderful and loving adult daughters, one living in Grand Bank and the other in Clarenville; both are employed in Health Care. I started volunteering in my late teens and have been volunteering ever since. I am presently Deputy Mayor of Grand Bank, a member of the Grand Bank Recreation Commission, a member of the Grand Bank Community Park Committee, a member of the 2015 Come Home Year Committee, a member of Fidelity Lodge # 5, a member of the Grande Meadows Golf Club Board of Directors and a member of my local Church’s Men’s Service Club. I play recreational hockey and cards in my spare time in the winter and golf in the summer (when I do get some spare time).

With my experiences and the knowledge gained through my work as a Recreation and Sport Consultant, along with my involvement with many and varied organizations and volunteers, I am able to bring forward the ideas and thoughts that they have as it relates to the many facets of healthy living and wellness. Further to that, I am able to share with the volunteers and organizations the information, ideas and opportunities that are formulated and shared at out Steering Committee meetings. As a member of the Steering Committee, I feel that partnerships are very important and we are able to assist in the facilitation of many partnerships through our Networking Days, our Grant Program and the many other various programs with which we are involved.

My advice to community groups is to “get active” and become members of the Eastern Regional Wellness Coalition. Joining is free and the ERWC provides information and workshops on the many facets of healthy living and healthy lifestyle choices. Help make your community an active and healthy community and the ERWC can help you do that; just get involved!

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